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A utensil rest



ToolProp™ is not your grandmother’s spoon rest. It’s the sleek space-saving rest that keeps your utensil handy while cooking. The ToolProp™ with its built-in groove is all you need to catch those drips and keep cooking surfaces clean. It’s skinny enough to store in a utensil drawer, use in a small kitchen, dorm room, boat or RV kitchen and portable enough to carry out to the grill. With 4 color combinations, it is the perfect "serving piece" accessory for a party or holiday buffet table; minimizing the need for large clunky spoon rests.

ToolProp™ everything you need, and nothing             you don’t.

Some stuff you should know:

  • Groove catches drips and keeps surfaces clean
  • Elevates tools for easy grabbing
  • Stores easily in utensil drawers
  • Silicone covered steel 
  • High heat-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • NOT microwave safe
  • 4.4” long x 1” wide x .8” tall
  • Available in 4 color combinations
  • BPA free
ToolProp™ 2017 US & International patents, trademarks, copyrights and registrations issued & pending.