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A silicone pan divider



Divide any pan to cook two foods at the same time. Use the FoodDam® to keep foods from touching, to separate cheese vs. no cheese, onion vs. no onion, spicy vs. mild--it's the kitchen tool that helps eliminate the need to dirty and clean multiple dishes. Use for baking, cooking, reheating and serving.

Some stuff you should know:

      • Snap together 2 pieces for 10-inch pans or 3 pieces for 12-inch pans.
      • Designed with a solid base for sturdiness and flexible ends for a smooth fit
      • Adjustable hinges let you customize each cooking area
      • FDA/EU food-safe silicone
      • High heat-resistant to 675°F / 357°C
      • Microwave and dishwasher safe
      • 12" x 1" x 1 ¾"
      • BPA free
FoodDam® 2017 US & International patents, trademarks, copyrights and registrations issued & pending.
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