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Another Counterfeiter Discovered!

Buyer Beware! Because of the success of Fusionbrands® PoachPod®, many fraudulent products are out in the market place just like this one found on Amazon.com:

Fusionbrands® has identified this seller as selling fraudulent product that infringes one or more of the following Rights and US Law; US Trademark, US utility, US method, US design patents, US Copyrights, US Trade Dress rights, any other potential potentially criminal activities.  Do not be fooled that these goods are sanctioned by Fusionbrands® and know they are not genuine Fusionbrands® products.    This situation will be dealt with legally, but in the meantime go to www.fusionbrands.com to be assured of buying genuine Fusionbrands® products.  

Fusionbrands® appreciates your support and welcomes any comments, questions or notice regarding suspicious products.

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