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Al Dente says Poachpods make the perfect Mother's Day Gift

by Melissa Trainer on May 09, 2012

If you plan to cook breakfast or brunch on Mother's Day, then maybe you should check out the Fusionbrands Poach Pods. I originally wrote about these more than two years ago, but they really are a helpful tool to have. I think they are particularly important on Mother's Day! They simplify a task that can be somewhat difficult to master.

The poach pods are quite nifty because they float in simmering water on the stove and when an egg is dropped into the pod, the egg just bobs around gently while cooking. Then, when it is time to serve the poached egg, it is easy to grasp the pod, lift it out of the water, and flip the poached egg onto toast, spinach or whatever it is being served on. The poached egg has a beautiful shape and looks really great when it is topped with sauce, gravlax, smoked salmon, crispy bacon, or even chives.  Read more.

--Melissa A. Trainer

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