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CoverBlubber passes the Test!

CoverBlubber passes the Test! Hear what WFMY News 2 thought when they put CoverBlubber food saver through their "2Test."  Read More...

Breakfast made easy and with a smile!

Start your kids off with a quick, easy and healthy breakfast...perfectly poached eggs made with Fusionbrands PoachPods! Be creative and add veggies or fruit to make a funny faced plate that is sure to bring a morning smile.  PoachPods are available in silicone, stainless steel or ceramic coated.  Simply boil water, lightly oil each pod, place in water, cover, reduce heat to a simmer and within minutes you'll have a poached egg. It's that easy and delicious!


Get your kids cooking in the kitchen with Fusionbrands CrackPot!

Get your little ones started cooking in the kitchen with Fusionbrands kid-friendly CrackPot.  It has a special lip to crack eggs easily, an ergonomic handle and a non-slip grippy bottom.  Read how Jo Brigdale, with the help of her adorable son made delicious Carrot Cupcakes using our CrackPot. He's cracking eggs like a pro!  Read more and get the recipe here...



"Gluten-free Banoffee Muffins" by Georgi A baked in Fusionbrands PetitePots

Check out these adorable and delicious "Gluten-free Banoffee Muffins" from Georgi A who baked them in Fusionbrands PetitePots. They're almost too cute to eat!  Get the recipe here.


PoachPod makes "Must-Have Breakfast Gadgets" Guide By Cook's Illustrated

We're happy to share the news that our PoachPod made Cook's Illustrated Guide for "Must-Have Breakfast Gadgets."  Read the article here.  PoachPods are available in multiple colors in silicone, as well as stainless steel or ceramic.  Simply float to poach!


Fusionbrands® GrillComb® wins prestigious Red Dot Award

Fusionbrands® GrillComb® wins prestigious Red Dot Award

NEW YORK-April 8, 2014- Fusionbrands is excited to announce the international Red Dot jury bestowed the distinctive “Red Dot" for high design quality upon Fusionbrands GrillComb, the stylish way to skewer. 

Fusionbrands is known as the US company that excels at creating unique clever kitchen gadgets to solve life’s everyday cooking challenges and the GrillComb is no exception. With its multiple teeth, the GrillComb is a revolutionary grilling tool that straightens out the hassles of using long pointy skewers.  Easily slide shrimp, beef, chicken and vegetables onto the stainless steel teeth, securing it in place and start flipping even the most delicate items without food spinning.  

"Realizing over 1,800 manufacturers, designers and architects from 53 nations entered the competition, we are extremely delighted to be given the esteemed Red Dot Award for Product Design for our GrillComb,” states Kraigh Stewart, Fusionbrands Co-founder.

From beginner cook to the master chef, Fusionbrands cooking tools and kitchen utensils are problem solving, fun, and easy to use. Their product line ranges from the GrillComb to their award-winning egg poaching tool the PoachPod, to the original silicone trussing tool, the FoodLoop, to the must-have eco-friendly reusable food storage solution—the CoverBlubber. 


Find out what Pillsbury.com is obsessing about and how our SpoonSpreader fits in

Pillsbury.com is obsessing about peanut butter everyday of the week which includes Fusionbrands SpoonSpreader on Friday. Start spreading the word and the peanut butter!  Read more


Three Fusionbrands products were put to the test, see how they did...

Fusionbrands® PoachPod® Stainless, PoachPod® Lift, CrackPot™ Reviews

Home Test of Fusionbrands® Products

About.com Rating5 Star Rating

By , About.com Guide

While on the hunt for easy-to-use and clean egg poaching tools, I spied the PoachPod® Stainless. I liked the original silicone PoachPod - read review, so I was anxious to see how the stainless model would compare performance-wise. Add a couple of optional accessories and it was an interesting test period. Three Fusionbrands® products were tested.  Read more...

GrillComb as seen on the Rachael Ray Show

As seen on the July 2, 2013 episode of the Rachael Ray Show be sure to check out Sunny Anderson's Grilled Mushroom and Pine Nut Salad recipe featuring Fusionbrands GrillCombs. View segment here.

Redbook: The Ingenious Grilling Tool That Takes Kebabs to Next-Level Perfection

The Ingenious Grilling Tool That Takes Kebabs to Next-Level Perfection

May 23, 2013 at 12:25 PM by Lauren Le Vine 


Kebabs are a summertime grilling classic at this point, but they do have their drawbacks. Namely, ingredients stacked too closely together on skewers to allow for even cooking, skewer-in-marinade incidents, and food-laden sticks that are hard to rotate on the grill. Luckily, someone has come up with a solution to all these issues — and any other kebab conundrums you may have had.  Read More...

Italian Chicken "Saltimbocca" Roll-ups by Traeger Grills

Italian Chicken "Saltimbocca" Roll-ups by Traeger Grills
BY MARY M. ON MAY 11, 2013

Traeger Grills is rolling out another delicious recipe featuring our FoodLoops. Check out their Italian Chicken "Saltimbocca" Roll-ups with a special Fusionbrands offer at the end!


Poached Eggs Over Cauliflower Quinoa Cakes featuring PoachPod & PoachPod Lift

Poached Eggs Over Cauliflower Quinoa Cakes

FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2013 by Mom, What's For Dinner

On the weekends, I almost always make a brunch at least one of the days. I like to have breakfast in bed once a week. Makes me feel like I am resting more than usual. Because I have been trying to cut corners on calories, I wanted to come up with something other than hash-browns to serve with my eggs. I am a huge potato fanatic and live for my hash-browns. However, my waistline is begging me to pass the potatoes by.  So this past weekend I made Poached Eggs over Cheesy Cauliflower Quinoa Cakes. They were so scrumptious!  Read More

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Kebobs featuring GrillComb & CitrusPod

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Kebobs

By , March 5, 2013, In GrillingPoultry

Today there is a snowstorm expected in Milwaukee and I could not be any more excited for spring to arrive. I’m tired of the boots and wet shoes. On the bright side, the blustery winter hasn’t kept me from grilling out!  Read more.

ServeItUp Test Drive by Julie Aitken

 Read what Julie Aitken had to say about our ServeItUp as she took it for a test drive in Canada.  Go Julia! Read More...

Another Egg-citing PoachPod Review!

Review of the PoachPod Egg Poacher by Jessica Harlan, About.com:

Making perfect poached eggs is indeed a challenging culinary technique to master. You can fake it by using the PoachPod from Fusionbrands, a little silicone cooking tool that makes it easy to poach eggs. Read More.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Click here for Fusionbrands holiday cheer!


"SpoonSpreading" Notes From Dawn

Wow! How cool is that? Available in 5 colors, the SpoonSpreader™ is a handy kitchen gadget that I’d recommend for kids. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA free, and would fit perfectly into a Christmas stocking. And best of all, it’s only $5.00.  Check out all the wonderful kitchen products on the Fusionbrands® website.  Read more...


Read how FoodNetwork.com likes swirling with our SpoonSpreader ™ !

Kitchen Tested: The SpoonSpreader by Mallory Viscardi in Product Reviews, November 7th, 2012

Hear what Real Moms Real Views have to say about our PetitPot

The Little Pot That Does A Lot {Fusionbrands Petitpots #Review ...
Cooking with children can be both enjoyable and frustrating. Not only do I love spending time with my daughters making yummy treats, but I also have the ...

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Fusionbrands® is proud to support the Telluride Film Festival and we wish them a successful event this weekend.  And for all you Fusionbrands fans visiting the Festival this weekend in beautiful Telluride, Colorado, be sure to stop in Dakota Home Furnishings on East Colorado Avenue to check out Fusionbrands products and see all their unique items!

Another Counterfeiter Discovered!

Buyer Beware! Because of the success of Fusionbrands® PoachPod®, many fraudulent products are out in the market place just like this one found on Amazon.com:

Fusionbrands® has identified this seller as selling fraudulent product that infringes one or more of the following Rights and US Law; US Trademark, US utility, US method, US design patents, US Copyrights, US Trade Dress rights, any other potential potentially criminal activities.  Do not be fooled that these goods are sanctioned by Fusionbrands® and know they are not genuine Fusionbrands® products.    This situation will be dealt with legally, but in the meantime go to www.fusionbrands.com to be assured of buying genuine Fusionbrands® products.  

Fusionbrands® appreciates your support and welcomes any comments, questions or notice regarding suspicious products.

Chalk one up for Fusionbrands!

Posted by LinYee Yuan  |  24 Aug 2012  |  

Fusionbrands has been changing the way we cook and prepare food since their first product launched to the marketplace in 2005. You might be familiar with thefoodloop, the first silicone tool to replace string for trussing, or their foodpod, a silicone "basket" that's designed to conveniently contain and drain foods prepared by boiling, blanching or steaming.

In 2007, Fusionbrands released the poachpod, a floating, flexible silicone egg poaching tool. The poachpod was an instant success, garnering accolades like the 2007 Gourmet Gadget of the Year award. Simultaneously, Fusionbrands worked to protect their work; in 2007 poachpod received a registered trademark and in 2008, a design patent.

As the popularity of the Fusionbrands products soared, the copycats emerged. Fusionbrands began to take action to protect its intellectual property and its brand by notifying manufacturers, distributors and retailers of its patents and trademarks and, when necessary, filing law suits. Beginning in 2009, Fusionbrands filed the first of several federal lawsuits against U.S. companies from Massachusetts to California, from manufacturers to retailers, to stop the sale of knock-off products. They've won every court battle or settled with the infringers. But the their true victory is the hope that this success would serve as example and clearly demonstrate that Fusionbrands could always be expected to invest in protecting its brand and patents.

In 2010, the poachpod received a highly respected and rare-to-the-industry Method Patent relating to the specific method of poaching eggs allowed by the form and function of this unique product. Achieving this all-encompassing patent allowed for legal action to be taken and lawsuits filed against all forms of infringement. Since 2010, Fusionbrands has won more federal court victories or settlements and has seized or destroyed over 100,000 products that were accused of infringing its patents.

In light of our week-long focus on design patents, we thought we'd sit down with Anna and Kraigh Stewart, the founders and designers behind Fusionbrands to learn more about their piracy battles. As a small, independent design company, their no-nonsense stance against counterfitting and piracy is a win for the entire design industry.   


SpoonSpreader--for the kid in all of us!

The Ultimate Tool For PB&J Sammiches: A Hinged Spoon

by MARK WILSON  8/22/12


How many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are made in America each morning? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Yet there’s no good way to get the sticky peanut butter and the sloppy jelly from deep within the jar to its new home on the bread. A knife sort of works, but how many times has its skinny surface accidentally dumped the jelly on the counter? A spoon would be better, if only there were a force in the universe other than one’s tongue that could effectively remove peanut butter from a spoon.  Read more...


SpoonSpreader, Peanut Butter's New Best Friend

This Hinged Spoon Is the Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Peanut Butter

Not since the squeeze bottle has there been such an incredible innovation in the field of condiments as the SpoonSpreader. Blessed with what is referred to as a "living hinge" the spoon is just as deft at scooping as it is at spreading.

For five bucks you can get it in one of five different colors to match your favorite condiment. And not surprisingly it's made from dishwasher and food safe materials so you're free to safely lick the SpoonSpreader clean afterwards. Who needs forks, knives, or any other utensil now that this exists?  Read more...


CitrusPod wins over another fan!

Citrus Pod

July 24, 2012 by an uncommon girl

Welcome the world’s first-ever 3 in 1 citrus station. Available with both a lemon and lime personality, the citruspodTM has a built-in cutting board for prepping citrus garnishes and twists. The squeezable silicone top is easy to grip for simple juicing while the dual, pulp-free, and seed-free filters do away with sticky hands and fingers for good. After slicing and squeezing, store remaining citrus right in the pod to stay fresh in the fridge. Say “hello” to the kitchen and home-bar’s new best friend.  Read more...


Read what Four Tines and a Napkin have to say about our PoachPod!

Four Tines and a Napkin: Fresh Find | PoachPods
Among these products are PoachPods -- a flexible silicone cooking tool for poaching eggs which float in boiling water "like a lily pad on a pond" to create a ...

PoachPod® UK

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We don't want to brag, so we let Shelterrific do it for us!

This little gizmo seems to be following me. Every time I open a magazine, there it is telling me how badly I need it in my life. I’m finally going to surrender and add one to my utensil drawer. It’s the Serve It Up cake stand pedestal, which has a porcelain base and suction cup top. It comes in two sizes ($30/$20) and will hold on to the surface of an shiny, flat or non-porous plate. This past weekend, I brought a Bundt cake to a block party and was desperate for a nice way to transport and display it. This little number would have done the trick! Plus, it will give me an excuse to hit the yard sales in search of cute one offs.  Read more...